Authentication failure
Possible Cause

1.You left the page for too long before try to certification again;

2.The site has not yet applied for "Trusted Sites certification service" verification;

3.The site allegedly fraudulent "Trusted Sites certification services" verification;

4.The site's Certification logo deployed incorrectly.

Friendly Reminder

1.What are trusted site certification services
      Trusted Sites Certification is one of the Internet's most trusted Network Security certification, once the Certification logo is added to the trust site, if Web site visitors click the Certification logo, they will be automatically jump to a dynamic information page. The site identity information will be displayed on the page, it shows this website is using the security services from CFCA, and this site is subject to the protection of CFCA SSL technology.

2.How to apply for Trusted site certification service
      You can visit China Financial Certification Authority website for details.

Noteļ¼šThis verification focus only on the identity of the subject and control of the domain name, not on the behavior of the subject. As such,this verification is not intended to provide any assurances, or otherwise represent or warrant:The subject is actively engaged in doing business;The Subject's financial status;The subject is trustworthy, honest, or reputable in its business dealings.